Once you’re planning to spend on your driveway, there are a lot of things you can possibly do with it that involves concrete driveway pavers or poured concrete. The expenses of the concrete driveway if compared to utilizing pavers is really too close to call. Hence, regardless of what you will choose, both of them will be worth your money. Now, what makes them different from each other and which among them is much better?  


Poured concrete is set up in large slabs. However, pavers are separate concrete pieces that are molded in particular designs and pieced together. The concrete in large slab’s durability is way more compared to driveway concrete pavers. Both pavers and poured concrete take virtually similar wear and tear and a lot would believe that pavers will be a much better option. However, the fact here’s that while the material is similar, concrete slabs will really break more usual compared to pavers.  


The expenses of installing both poured concrete and concrete driveway pavers are actually virtually similar. The extra expenses could be possible if you need to excavate the place you have chosen to have your pavers installed. Poured concrete is comparatively easier to utilize since it doesn’t need thorough preparations of intricate designing. Once you employ a landscaping company to help you out, you’ll notice a difference in terms of its cost. However, if you opt to do it yourself, you can have all the time to plan and install it whenever you like. 


Once the durability is neck and neck and the cost is just similar, then you need to consider how it really looks at the end of the day. Poured concrete seems to be plain and doesn’t actually incorporate anything to your home’s look. On the other hand, driveway concrete pavers could be positioned in a lot of designs to add an appealing look. This can also boost your property value.  

Poured concrete could be textured or stamped to create more character to it. However, that can further compromise its durability as well. Once the concrete beaks, you’ll need a rather massive undertaking to cater for you to restore it back to its original form. The choice is really up to you.  

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