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  • Industrial Spring Corporation of Florida

    "Supplying Quality Products with Personalized Service for Over 30 Years"

    Stampings and Fourslide Products
    Industrial Spring's tool room supplies all tooling required for our punch press and fourslide departments, as well as all custom tools and fixtures required in our spring departments.

    I.S.C. designs, builds, and runs both single station dies and progressive dies. Our presses range in size from 2 tons to 60 tons.

    "Industrial Spring Corporation is equipped to produce punch press stampings as well as fourslide stampings, flat springs, and wire forms.
    All tooling is built in house which enables us to maintain control of all aspects of each order.
    Industrial Spring maintains all tooling required to fulfill our orders at no additional expense to our customers."

    Industrial Spring's fourslide Department produces stampings, flat springs, and wire forms.
    Wire sizes range from .008" (.20 mm) to .156" (3.96 mm), and strip widths up to 2.000" (50.80 mm).
    Our fourslide stamping capacity ranges from 5 tons to 30 tons.